Welcome to Adelaide Camper Trailers – Sale and Hire

“We were looking to hire a camper to travel Central Australia but didn’t like any of the local options,” says Toni. “So we ended up buying a campertrailer  and took it out into the desert trying to break it!”

It was after they couldn’t break it that Adam and Toni decided to buy the business, to complement their already thriving auto repair shop.

“Our auto centre is staffed by a small, very select team who only do the highest quality work, so we needed the camper trailer business to reflect well on that, we couldn’t afford to have the product let us down.”

Our Camper Trailers are fully Australian made was also a big factor in their decision. “We’re really proud that it is an Australian made trailer, we personally back the Australian product over the imported one every time.”

franchise194Two and a half years in and Toni just loves the relationships that her work with Johnno’s has allowed her to develop.

“I’ve got customers who tell us off if we are in their area and don’t drop in!” she laughs. “You really form a special bond with them. I love it when they send in pictures or emails, or just tell you stories, of the places they have been.”

But Adam says his favourite part of the job is the satisfaction he gets from earning someone’s trust.

“When a customer buys a camper trailer off you and then decides to keep you on as his mechanic, it reassures me that I am doing well.”

Adam and Toni pride themselves on being able to offer their customers not just a camper trailer, but on offering complete after-sales service, from upgrades to bearing checks.

“I’m never afraid I am sending someone away on a horror trip, these campers always come back in one piece,” says Adam. “In a nutshell, I love getting people away on holidays, and making their dreams come true!”

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