Johnno’s Perth WA

Sharing the Dream

Stephen May and his wife Carolyn had been long-time campers when they decided to buy a Johnno’s outlet.

“Camping is something the whole family can do together” Stephen says, “something that gets them away from the computer screen or video game, and out there enjoying the natural environment.” And there is plenty of pristine wilderness to enjoy to the north of Perth which is where the May’s franchise is located.

“My favourite camping spot is further north, up around the Coral Coast” says Stephen, and he regularly hires out campers to people who use them to visit that exact same part of the world.

Hiring a camper is a good option for people who can’t afford to buy one, and it also means that you don’t have to foot the bill for registration and maintenance. But if you are set on having your own, they also sell new campers, along with just about every piece of camping gear known to man.

“And if we don’t have something” says Stephen, “we will get in to the store for you at a competitive price, and we promise good honest customer service.”

For Stephen and Carolyn it’s all about the family; about theirs working together to inspire other families to get out there and enjoy themselves.


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