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Peter & Janette Talty
Peter & Janette TaltyDiamond Valley Camper Trailer Sales & Hire
19 Bruce St (enter 2 Anne St)
Diamond Creek VIC 3089

T: 0417 367 549

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We’ve always loved camping, so in 2010, when Pete saw an ad offering an opportunity to buy our very own Camper Trailer business, we jumped in and haven’t looked back.  It’s a quality brand, a quality build and it works.

Working in the town where we live gives us a genuine interest in supporting our local community.  Having our own business means we understand the importance of supporting other local businesses.

One of the things we love about this business is that all the people we meet are happy and friendly.  Whether they’re buying or hiring, they’ve all got holiday plans in mind.  One of our favourite parts of this business is hearing people’s stories when they return from their adventures.

We love the strength and durability of the our Camper Trailers.  We send them out on hires and know they’ll take you where you want to go and get you home again.  They’re not just built well, they’re made of Australian steel as well as Australian canvas and they’ve been on the market for over 15 years now.  The Camper Trailer you buy is the same quality as one you would hire.

We are so confident in our Camper Trailers that we happily send them out on hires up to places like Cape York and across the Gibb River Road, but they are just as comfortable in a caravan park or by the beach.

Our camper trailers are quick and easy to set-up and pack-up, but there’s no need to take our word for it, when you come in, we demonstrate the whole set-up and pack up of the camper trailer for you.  The quick set-up means it’s no chore to get away on a random weekend here and there, just have your camper trailer packed and take off after work on a Friday night.

If you’re not sure about what you want in a camper trailer, we’ll speak with you about what you may need, but better still, you can hire one for a week or weekend and check it out properly for yourself – and, we take your hire price straight off your buy price.  We have both new and used camper trailers in store.   We also stock a great range camping gear, too.

Our philosophy is to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and to provide genuine, honest service.  We aim to give people all the information they need to assist them with their choices.

Come in and say “G’day”.