The Australian Camper Trailer Network

The Australian Camper Trailer Network comprises independently owned and operated camper trailer outlets. Some are sales and hire, others are hire only.

Network members are all camping and outdoor enthusiasts, who offer a breadth of experience and camping industry know-how, as well as in-depth knowledge of their local area and the ‘best camping spots’.

While each business in our network carries a range and service unique to them, they all share a common mission Рto provide exceptional camper trailers that ensure everyone from novice to seasoned campers enjoy the ultimate camping experience.

Each sales outlet stocks various high quality brands and models. The range can vary from outlet to outlet, and not every outlet stocks all brands and models listed on this site.

No matter what your camping needs, you’ll find an outlet here that can meet them – from the best quality camper trailers to a great range of camping gear and accessories.

Please contact your nearest outlet to find out which models they supply.

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