The AMCTG has been established as a result of poor quality componentry and workmanship in many cheap camper trailers being imported into Australia.

The leading Australian manufacturers and pioneers of the Camper Trailer Industry of Australia have formed a Guild of Members to help guide potential consumers of the pitfalls that can cause your family dreams and ‘trip of a lifetime’ to be ruined ending in disaster.

We also provide a list of member’s websites that have passed strict quality audits and engineering compliance testing to help short list your choice of genuine Australian Made Camper Trailers companies who guarantee your satisfaction.

The most important aspect to building a Camper Trailer to cope with the corrugations of Australia’s outback and the rugged environmental conditions is to use the best materials – cheap overseas materials are not the answer.

In fact the main cause of the problems that are commonly reported on internet blogs and industry magazines, and not to mention, the unfortunate and multiple consumer claims with Dept of Fair Trading.

Australians are renowned worldwide for manufacturing extremely durable products, and Camper Trailers are no exception.

It is the professional opinions of all our members of AMCTG that the most important part of the Camper Trailer is the Tenting Canvas, and Australian Made Canvas is the only way to guarantee satisfaction.

Australian Canvas is made to endure our unique environmental conditions and no other country produces to a similar quality level.

Independent Testing to Australian Military Standards proves offshore made Canvas is inferior in a number of aspects including Waterproofness, Weathering, Colour Fastness, and Resistance to UV breakdown, mould and mildew growth.

AMCTG Members are so confident in their products, that all of their Camper Trailers that are made with Australian Made Canvas by WCT ( comes with an extended 5 year warranty.

We highly recommend any potential buyer of a Camper Trailer to read through this website for high quality members of the AMCTG, as well as to read latest articles and news items to fully inform you of how to avoid disappointment from inferior brands.

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These letters stand for quality and reassurance to Australian camping consumers that our members are genuine Australian Manufacturers.

The Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) has been established in 2011 and includes only Australian industry leaders of Camper Trailer Manufacturing.

All members are subjected to engineering compliance for Australian Standards and also confirm that their complete manufacturing process is conducted in Australia with the very best of materials – including CHASSIS, BODY, SUSPENSION, TENT and CANVAS. Guaranteed!

Like many industries in these modern times, the Australian Camper Trailer industry is now subjected to rigorous competition from cheaper imported sources.

AMCTG is not against imports or trying in anyway to block imports – we are however trying to protect Australian consumers by offering this Guild as your reassurance of buying from a genuine Australian manufacturer.

As opposed to any importers who claim to have Australian Made products simply because the tent and trailer are assembled here (but shipped in from countries such as China), or the trailer is bolted together in Australia (from parts made in China).

Imported Components are always going to be cheaper than Australian Made versions – but in the opinion of our members, they are also inferior in quality and performance and our customer base at least deserves to know the full disclosure of Country of Origin for every aspect while researching their Camper Trailer shortlist.

We hope this website helps you with buying a Camper Trailer with confidence, as we feel your family deserves to enjoy your investment and be worry-free from problems that have occurred with many camper trailers that have been made without the rugged requirements of the Australian environment.

We encourage you to talk with us and contact our members for more advice and product details.


Like artisans and craftsmen of yesteryear who belonged to guilds, we are a selected group of professional Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturers who take pride in their work.

All members are strictly audited annually by a professional independent engineer to ensure the body, chassis, suspension and tent are Australian made, and all products are fully compliant to Australian design rules.


Unfortunately, some unscrupulous importers are passing off their products as Australian made because some minor assembly occurs locally.

Under Australian consumer law section 255(3): “a fundamental change in that country in form, appearance or nature such that the goods existing after the change are new and different goods from those existing before the change” before it can be labelled “Australian Made”.

Also, imported trailers under 4.5 tonnes do not need to have their designs or products approved by the Federal Transport Department, but become legal once the importer has affixed a compliance plate to state this trailer conforms to Australian design rules.

Inspection of these products has shown many do not meet those standards, leading to the increased number of customer complaints on internet forums.


Unfortunately, a number of imported camper trailers claim “100% Australian designed and built”, “Proudly Australian owned” or “Australian made and owned”, so it is not easy for the customer to determine the country of origin.

All Australian made tents have a “care for canvas” label provided by the Australian canvas manufacturer sewn into the tent. Buying from a Guild member with this logo, is a guarantee of Australian manufacture.

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