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Outdoor adventure means so many things to so many different people. But the heart of it all is a deep seated passion to explore the experience, the opportunities and the environment

You may be a seasoned traveller or a novice adrenalin junkie but rest assured that the team behind Explore Australia Expo don’t just understand you, we are you. We live and breath adventure and the Explore Australia Expo is just one forum for us to express and live our own adventures.

But it’s not about us. We are running this event for you. It’s all about industries and communities we are passionate about, pastimes and lifestyles that we aspire to and engulf ourselves within. And we want you to be involved.

Explore Australia Expo will entertain and inspire you, but we will engage you in manner that no other show has done before. We have unprecedented educational platforms, workshops, seminars, activities and challenges for you to participate in. Personalities and identities will be on hand but not how you have seen them before. Industry leaders and experts will offer advice, solutions and inside tips. And best of all, you will see a united presence as the best facets of every aspect of your adventure are brought together for a total experience.

To say that we are are excited about this event is an understatement. We have so much planned, we just can’t wait. We do though look forward to engaging with you all, inspiring, educating and entertaining.