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Noel & Mel McNair
Noel & Mel McNairRed Dirt Camping
58 Victoria St
Dubbo NSW 2830

P: 02 6885 5955

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The Journey

It was only two years ago that Noel and Mel McNair started a Camper Trailer business in Dubbo to supplement the income from their farm, but nowadays it is their sole business and has grown into to an expansive new premises stocking premium camping products.

“We do more than just camper trailers,” says Noel, “we do fridges, chairs, tents, furniture, lighting – basically, if you need it for camping we can source it for you.”

They serve customers from almost half of NSW, and are pretty much the go-to team when it comes to camper trailers in the region.

“We book out all our hire trailers for the school holidays about a holiday in advance, for July we were booked out at Easter time!”

But it is being able to fulfill the dreams of people who have just bought their very own camper that Noel finds most rewarding.

“Most people who come and buy one of our campertrailers have ummed and ahhed about buying a camper trailer for a few years before they make their decision, so when they finally get their hands on it it’s pretty exciting.”

Having turned their hobby into their work, Noel and Mel understand what their customers are after.

“We are part of the local 4WD club here in Dubbo, so we like to get away for a little bit of product testing whenever we can, we get away for at least three weeks a year!”

Their favourite destinations are out west, in central Australia, but being in Dubbo means they are within an easy days’ drive of the desert, mountains and beach.

“But for me it’s really more about the journey than the destination.”

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