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Hire a Camper Trailer

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Camping Adventure!

If you’re new to camper trailers and not quite sure which
one is the right model for you, hiring a Camper Trailer
means you can check out both On and Off Road models...

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Camper Trailers for Sale and Hire

Go anywhere with extra tough Australian Built Camper Trailers.

Models available for that perfect weekend away or a long trip north to Cape York.

Our Camping Trailers can be erected in minutes to reveal a living area large enough to accommodate a family of five,  and a large awning for shade and relaxation.

When you decide on a weekend getaway or some serious time-out, our camper trailers offer a choice of quality Light Off Road or 4WD camper trailers ready to hit the road.

The campers are tested in rough conditions in northern Australia to ensure that the trailer will suit even the most demanding situations.

Each of our Trailers features an extra strong chassis, industrial strength high quality Dynaproof Canvas in all tents, an awning and a strut lift top for easy access to storage.

Various options exist for additional accessories such as spare rooms and Annex Walls.

Every Johnno’s Camper Trailer is covered by a 12 month guarantee against all defects.

Hiring a camper trailer can be a great way to see just how convenient they can be in drastically reducing your setup and pull-down time, whilst improving the comfort of your experience.

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